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About Us

There is a reason human pregnancy takes over nine months - every moment of that time is reserved for critical human development. As duration of pregnancy decreases, risks increase.  Such high-risk, premature infants face serious challenges, and for the family, it is only the beginning.  The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) can be an environment of fear, anxiety, confusion and even anger for the parents who can only "visit" their babies instead of caring for them as they would with a normal newborn.  The stress on a family caring for a preemie is incredibly difficult - just as it was for Juliet Grace’s family when she was in Georgetown’s NICU.  Anybody who understands the term “premature” likely knows a preemie or the family of a preemie.


The Juliet Grace Smith Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity whose purpose is to honor Juliet by supporting organizations that serve premature infants (aka PREEMIES) and their families.  Currently, our Foundation supports organizations in the greater Washington, DC metro area.  Our mission is to provide care, education, and general support for families experiencing the stress of premature birth.  When Juliet Grace was born at 24 weeks, her family's world changed immediately.  Everything happens so quickly - from the most seemingly inconsequential decisions to the most significant decisions you could imagine.  This is a massive burden to bear, when all you really want to do is care for your baby.  It is the primary intention of our Foundation to leverage our support and experience to minimize that burden.


By partnering with local NICUs, the Juliet Grace Smith Foundation supports initiatives that improve the preemie family experience.  We are proud of our achievements, but there is so much more to do.  We know we can’t do it alone. Is there a preemie in your family?  Do you a friend that has had this experience? Perhaps you’re just the type who likes to help the little guy. Well there are no guys littler than preemies.  Any parent, any leader, any coach understands the stress of responsibility for others for whose development you are entrusted - particularly when you cannot actively help them.  The purpose of the Juliet Grace Smith Foundation is to help these families - to improve the preemie family experience.  Please help us help these families.




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