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Juliet Grace Smith Memorial Scholarship for Courage


Her courage in facing a daily regimen of life-or-death challenges was an inspiration to every person that knew, worked with, or learned about our Juliet Grace.  It is in this spirit that the Juliet Grace Smith Foundation proudly presents this scholarship award, in her name and to the Club with which she would have most certainly been a member. Winners of the award will have demonstrated tremendous courage in their lives, just as Juliet Grace did in hers, so that even more people can be motivated by great stories of courage to meet their own goals. 


Each year, Juliet's Foundation, in collaboration with Arlington Soccer Association and its families, is proud to present the winners of Juliet's Memorial Scholarship Award for Courage. Thanks to each of our applicants for sharing the stories of your courage and for promoting Juliet's courageous spirit in your lives!



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