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Our Board


The Juliet Grace Smith Foundation is honored by the service of our Board, our Ambassadors, and our Friends all of whom generously give of their time and expertise without compensation. 

Christopher Smith
Board Co-Chair
Founding Principal, ChangeSmith

Chris is the managing consultant of ChangeSmith, a firm delivering advisory, facilitation, and speaking services to organizational change and culture management customers.  He has spent much of his adult life leading organizations, teams, families, and individuals in having a better experience in their chosen discipline.  As a NICU parent, he was struck by a feeling of total helplessness.  For all of his capacity to help, there was so precious little he could do for his tiny Juliet.  He vowed, in memory of Juliet's tremendous courage, that he would use his skills, network, and resources to try to improve the experience of others whose littlest children summoned their courage to try to make it home from the NICU.  

Jessica Smith
Board Co-Chair
Pediatric Physical Therapist

Jess has been a pediatric physical therapist in the Washington metro area for over 15 years.  Jess' experience as a NICU caregiver and leader, trainer of other NICU caregivers, and as a NICU mother provide her with a unique experience and perspective from which to  improve the NICU experience and the delivery of that experience.  Juliet's Foundation depends on Jess' critical insights in understanding how to best help NICU babies and their families.  Jess is married and lives in Arlington, VA with four children, the third of which is Juliet Grace. 

Chris O'Connor
Board Member
Principal, ChangeSmith
Melissa Taylormoore
Board Member, Lead Counsel
VP, Constellis

Chris is from outside Boston, Massachusetts, and after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point, he served in various postings in the United States and abroad.  He credits any successes in life to the people who took time to help get him those opportunities. Although he is a leading a large business presence, his true passion is helping make kids’ lives better in many different ways.  He is active in coaching youth sports and various charitable organizations. He and his family live in Alexandria, VA.

Melissa is originally from New Mexico and moved to northern Virginia after graduating from Stanford University where she was a member of the Women's Soccer Team.  After completing law school at George Mason University, Melissa excelled in a series of roles to become a VP at Constellis, a position from which she is able to provide invaluable pro bono legal support and counsel to Juliet's Foundation.  Melissa is also an accomplished youth soccer coach, and lives with her family in Vienna, VA.


Matt Hatam
Board Member
Director, CGI

Matt is originally from Long Island and moved to New York City after graduating from the State University of New York at Oneonta.  He  achieved his master's degree at Stevens Tech in New Jersey, and progressed through a series of IT positions of increasing responsibility before becoming a Senior Vice President at SwissRe.  Matt recently took a senior position at CGI.  He and his family reside in Charlotte, NC. 

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